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​Organizational and Behavioral Consulting

Helping to resolve conflicts, improve performance, and develop teams in the workplace. Bringing insight, knowledge, and experience to individuals and organizations for over 30 years. 

Concerned about poor performance? 

Everyone needs help from time to time. But what do you do when poor performance is the norm rather than the exception? We have proven techniques to help your employees build skills and improve their work performance. We prepare them to not only excel in their current jobs, but also to take on new responsibilities. 


Frustrated by workplace conflicts?

Managing in constant change and uncertainty, under resource constraints, and with language or cultural differences can be daunting. Conflicts arise and managers need help to diffuse them. Our expertise in human behavior and workplace dynamics can bring resolution to situations that threaten to derail progress.

Are you hiring smart? 

Finding the right people is tough. We provide the know-how to do it correctly the first time. Pre-employment testing can ease the way and give you a leg up in this highly competitive work environment. But choosing talent is more than just recruiting. It’s also development, succession, and performance management.  

Are your teams working to their potential? 

Some of us work best alone, while others work best in teams. Sometimes we need to do both, and that can be tough. Leaders need to nurture and encourage individuals while finding ways to develop their teams. We specialize in advising small groups and teams with communication and collaboration strategies.