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Helping to resolve conflicts, improve performance, and develop teams in the workplace. Bringing insight, knowledge, and experience to individuals and organizations for over 30 years. 


  • Counsels business, service, and academic leaders in human performance and organizational development 
  • Helps individuals work effectively and cohesively with colleagues
  • Provides tools to deal with change, uncertainty, resource constraints, and conflict resolution
  • Helps leaders develop into better leaders  


  • Tailors support and guidance to client needs
  • Provides choices for clients as appropriate
  • Works collaboratively with management and other professionals 
  • Establishes fees in advance of services
  • Helps clients build on progress made


30-year track record of:

  • Integrity, doing what we promise and delivering it on schedule
  • Asking insightful questions and paying attention to detail
  • Being the go-to resource for human performance problem solving
  • Meticulous planning to ensure successful execution


  • Licensed psychologist in Ohio
  • Committed to the confidentiality and quality standards of the American Psychological Association  

Member of: 

  • Society of Consulting Psychology
  • American Psychological Association
  • Association for Psychological Science 


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