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How we help clients 

A public corporation asked us to assess candidates to replace a retiring CFO. We mapped the job requirements to candidate competencies necessary for success in the job. After designing and administering a pre-employment assessment for multiple candidates, we provided the client with a comprehensive report about the individual candidates as well as a high-level comparison of the candidates. The new CFO we helped the organization select has now been a well-respected top performer in the position for over five years. 

Candidate Comparisons 

It’s our job to help clients understand and effectively use testing information. We create easy-to-use formats that compare multiple candidates in the testing phase. And we create job descriptions that compare future candidates against those employed by the client.

Choosing Talent

Support and Oversight 

From start to finish, we give our clients the expertise and tools for a successful talent-management program. We help create job specs, assist with the hiring decisions, and recommend on-boarding programs for key individuals to ensure they achieve the desired performance level by the end of the first year of employment.              


Competency-Based Selection Models 

Certain behaviors and skills known as competencies are necessary for every job or job family. We build competency models that enable our clients to compare and evaluate candidates from the selection stage to onboarding to performance management. We also integrate our competency models with web-based employee development systems to ensure even higher levels of success across an organization. 

Identifying job performance issues that may have a negative impact is important before hiring a candidate or promoting an employee. Using established tools and newer, web-based options; we arm our clients with the know-how and techniques to make good hiring decisions. From pre-employment screening and assessment to performance management systems, we have helped hundreds of organizations minimize the effect of a poor hiring decision. Here’s how: 

Pre-Employment/Pre-Promotional Assessments 

We step in to help organizations with infrequent, but specific, testing needs, for both new candidates and active employees pending a promotion. We help our clients evaluate candidates’ thinking abilities, personalities, and specialized skills. Our testing services range from entry-level screening to in-depth assessments for key positions. In certain cases, we also recommend online candidate selection systems and help our clients not only select the right system, but also use it to its full potential.