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Commentary from Eric 

Researchers, academicians, journalists, editors, bloggers - just about everyone today has something to report or say about our workforce, performance, skills and the future. Here are some useful articles with my comments. 

Most of us strive for work-life balance.  Work-life Balance is Killing Your Happiness is a fresh approach to this challenge. 

Getting people to accommodate change is among the most difficult parts of change management.  So much so, that managers often focus more on changing things they can control, and less on the behavior of people that is more difficult to control.  In effect, it is easier to change the environment, let people adjust on their own, and declare victory.
Fortunately, new processes and technologies are evolving to effectively include people in the change process.  The paper, Change Management: You’re Doing it Wrong, provides great insight into effectively engaging people in change. 

It’s a good feeling to wake up feeling refreshed, but many of us don’t sleep as well as we should.  We tend to treat sleep as something we can shortcut.  Unfortunately, the ramifications of sleep neglect are dramatic.  The graveyard shift is aptly named because our internal clock signals it’s time to sleep.  People who work nights are often sleep deprived which in turn affects their ability to think, feel and act.  Similar dysfunctions may occur for all of us whenever we don’t get enough sleep.  The Hidden Costs of Sleep Deficits points out the relationship, economic and legal costs of insufficient sleep.  Sleeping well should be a priority. Take some time this holiday season to catch up on your sleep. And set a goal to sleep more in the New Year. 

​The World Economic Forum (WEF) published “The 10 skills you need to thrive in the Fourth Industrial Revolution.” in 2016. Today, this is even more relevant with the onset of technological changes and advances we experience in our work. Forecasts in general are easy to overlook, but workplace changes supporting the WEF predictions suggest that this is a good guide to relevant professional and managerial competencies. Do you have the skills required in 2020 to perform well? Compare your skillset against the 2020 list and take the necessary steps to shore up deficiencies. To be competitive, we all must adapt and change.

What is Psychological Safety and Why Should Leaders Care? is a good read on how psychological safety relates to the workplace. Much of my work with clients depends on employees being secure enough to make positive, yet difficult and sometimes controversial changes on the job.