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Performance Improvement Systems for Today and the Future 

After we’ve recommended or designed the right performance improvement system, tailored to the organization’s needs, we advise boards, management, and work teams to ensure they understand how the system functions and can participate fully. Whether it’s a one-time hands-on initiative or a longer, more in-depth process, we provide guidance and support throughout.   

But what’s expected today may not be enough for the challenging performance demands of tomorrow. We prepare individuals and teams for future demands by giving them tools to help them understand what will be expected and how they can meet those expectations. Our proprietary simulation models give workers and organizations a framework for evaluating what they can do today, but need to be able to do better tomorrow. 

Leadership and Individual Development Programs 

Organizations often need more robust or sophisticated professional development programs to help them with issues like succession planning. Or perhaps previously instituted leadership development programs are no longer effective. In cases like these, we create leadership-training models based on established leadership competencies. Simply put, we create multi-level programs that are aligned with the leadership competencies necessary for organizational success. 

Then we go one step further by helping senior managers and professionals within a company improve their skills or adapt to changing conditions. We design individual development plans and coach the employee as he or she works through the various developmental steps. If an employee discovers that this career path isn’t good for the long haul, we’ll help him or her chart a new path.

Developing People and Teams

Tools and resources are crucial in improving work performance and motivation. Professional development is also essential in every organization, and we have the experience to evaluate, design, and implement programs to help individuals and teams.

How do we do this? We take a top-down/bottom-up approach by looking at both the individuals and the organization. What’s lacking? What are the areas for improvement? What skills and behaviors need enhancing? What can be done to improve the coordination among team members? From there we design and implement professional development programs. Key to the success of these programs is consistency, communication, and monitoring. 

How we help clients 

A major construction company asked us to resolve a variety of apparent people-oriented issues. Upon review, we identified six areas that could benefit from varying levels of intervention. Each area proposed interventions ranging from basic to intermediate to ideal so that the client could choose the goals to be achieved. One very successful basic intervention was a simulation process to develop project teams into highly functional units more quickly than would naturally occur. This simulation enabled a newly formed project team to learn and practice what they had to do individually and cooperatively when starting a new project. Not only was the project start more effective and efficient, the team maintained this higher-than-expected level of performance for the duration of the project.