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Choosing Talent​

​Talent management is a necessary component to an organization’s success. Making good hiring decisions and establishing an effective performance management process are the first steps towards success. We excel in candidate assessments and building competency models that help our clients compare and evaluate candidates. 

Our service offerings 

Resolving Conflicts

Left unresolved, conflicts can derail a department or, in some cases, an entire organization.  They affect employee motivation, performance, client relations, and more. Perceptions, attitudes, and personal experiences underlie every individual or group conflict. We look at these aspects and use our psychology experience to recommend swift and lasting resolutions. 

Developing People and Teams

Professional development programs are crucial to optimizing employee performance. Everyone needs tools to do their jobs better, work collaboratively with others, and communicate effectively with peers, subordinates, and management. We design training and coaching programs to help employees improve today and prepare for tomorrow’s challenges. 

We help our clients navigate the daily challenges of people and situations in the workplace. In fact, we’ve built our 30-year organizational and behavioral consulting practice on successfully dealing with the issues that keep managers and executives awake at night. In today’s ever-shifting economic and political climate, managing in constant change and uncertainty with resource constraints can be tough. Hiring smart and preparing people for leadership roles takes effort. 

Our specialized expertise in four service areas across diverse industries, academic institutions, professional offices, and not-for-profit organizations is key to our success over the years. We bring insight and knowledge to every client problem, from the straightforward to the highly complex. And we prepare our clients to sustain the positive effect of our guidance and solutions. 

From designing and conducting pre-employment testing, to correcting off-track performance, to reconciling disruptive issues between people or groups, we tackle the issues with experience, confidentiality, and proven strategies and techniques.    

Improving Performance

Managing employee and team performance in dynamic organizations is a must. New ownership, budget reductions, or leadership changes are only a few of the factors that can negatively affect performance. Our programs give clients clear-cut tools to help their employees move past performance roadblocks.